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How to Make Howling Good Halloween Costumes

October 2nd, 2015

Any parent will tell you the scariest part of Halloween is the frantic search for the right costume.

Finding a child’s costume is usually more trick than treat: party stores offer high-priced, often age-inappropriate outfits, and homemade costumes can be a real fright. The countdown has begun and you’re only weeks away from the witching hour. Eek!

Relax. We’ve consulted a few witches and warlocks to uncover tips to making a homemade Halloween costume your child will love.

  • Keep it simple – Don’t try to construct a robot costume with working lights, operating hinges, and more moving parts than the space shuttle. What about being a race car driver? Checkered duct tape, a red track suit and baseball hat, and racing stickers are all you’ll need! Rainy day girl? A slicker, umbrella and cute boots make the look.
  • Use what you have – Look around the house for materials. Does your child want to be a magician? That old colorful shawl would make a great cape. Is Dad a handyman? Fashion a smaller tool belt or toolkit. Ask friends and relatives (you must know a firefighter, doctor, nurse or other person with a ‘uniform’) whether they’d help you create a Halloween look for your youngster. An old colander can double as a robot hat, a flannel shift can make a lumberjack outfit come to life.
  • Stick with the classics – We know, we know. A white sheet = a ghost. Not necessarily. We found a great site that provides countless ways to make that one sheet into lots of different costumes. (Yes, we were amazed, too!)

Check out more great homemade costume ideas for fun and easy ideas. No need for long faces this Halloween. Jump-start your imagination, plan ahead and your little goblins will be plenty happy as they head out for trick-or-treating!