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Beyond the Shirt and Tie — Creative Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

June 1st, 2015

Father’s Day should be a family affair, as we all give thanks for wonderful dads. So, here’s a quick list of inventive gift ideas to celebrate the big guy. (After all, Dad has enough ties, doesn’t he?)

Eating Out(side)
Mother’s Day usually means Mom gets breakfast in bed, so why not give Dad dinner on the deck? Work together to plan a great meal on the grill. This Cheeseburger Pizza recipe is perfect! Mom can handle cooking a juicy steak or hamburger on the grill, while the kids prepare all the fixings and set the table. Don’t forget to give dad the place of honor at the table!

Labor of Love
Give Dad a break and offer to take on a few outdoor chores. The entire family can do some raking or sweep the driveway while Dad relaxes on the deck or catches a Red Sox game on TV. It’s his day, isn’t it?

Tools of the Trade
Most dads have tools, but can never seem to find them when they need them! Help organize all those hammers, screwdrivers, and other manly stuff in a snazzy new tool box. Decorate the outside with messages of love, and personalize it with his name in big bold letters!

Plant a Tree for Dad
Our love for Dad grows every year, so buy a tree and plant it in your yard as a token of love for your main man. Choose a tree that fits his personality (a mighty oak, a graceful elm) or plant a fruit tree and put dad in charge of the annual harvest!

The Family That Plays Together
Take Dad on a secret mission: buy tickets to the local ballpark or movie theater, or the annual car show. No matter what outing you choose, enjoy that special occasion as a family. It gives your father what he wants the most—time with the fam!
Extra Special Coupons for Dad

What does Dad really want for Father’s Day? A good back scratch? Breakfast in bed? Or maybe just sleeping in? Download and print this free kids coupon book here, and let the kids color in or add “coupons” for all the little things Dad loves— redeemable all year round. So sweet!