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5 Ideas to Toss a Kid’s Birthday Bash (Without Breaking the Bank)

January 25th, 2016

You’re planning a birthday party for your child, but while the guests will be small, the budget is getting bigger by the minute. How do you throw a great party without breaking the bank?

We’ve got a few suggestions that will leave that piggy bank intact.

  • Skip the pricey venue and choose a local park for your party. Most have picnic tables (if not, bring along lots of blankets), and you can even get friends to bring portable grills, if they’re allowed. You can’t beat open air, sunshine, and trees as the perfect party backdrop. And if you’re worried about inclement weather, the local YMCA may have space for a low fee.
  • Collaborate your menu – make it a potluck, other parents can contribute munchies and treats, while you handle the main course. Most parents would be happy to help out, since they’re also aware of the high cost of entertaining and their picky eaters. (Just be sure to coordinate offerings, with some healthy choices along with the crowd pleasers.)
  • Create food fun! Kids (adults, too) love pizza. Pick up a variety of Rustic Crust pizzas – Classic Sourdough, Italian Herb, Great Grains, Gluten Free Napoli Herb – and create meat and/or veggie pizzas for guests. Be inventive when it comes to toppings, and once you’ve taken them out of the oven, slice pizzas into serving sizes, and set up a pizza buffet. Let kids and their parents mix-and-match their pizza slices for a fun and affordable birthday dinner!
  • PLAY! You don’t need a professional entertainer charging you by the hour – let your guests entertain themselves. Get the kids involved in a game of tag, or a scavenger hunt. Better to have them up and active, than sitting still as an audience.
  • Have the kids make their own party favors! Collect craft materials, like popsicle sticks, construction paper, glitter, feathers, glue, etc., and stand back! Most kids love to make something creative (FYI — it keeps them busy while you’re getting the food ready), and they’ll have a wonderful keepsake from the party.

There’s no need to spend a lot of money to host a birthday celebration. The focus should be on fun, and with a little imagination, you can give your child a birthday to remember!